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We all know that trees provide shelter for wildlife and keep our air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide
and producing oxygen.  But did you know...:

A mature tree can often have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000.

A single urban tree can provide up to $273 a year in air conditioning, pollution fighting, erosion and storm water
control, and wildlife shelter benefits.

Trees can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50 percent and can
mask unwanted noises with pleasant sounds.

According the EPA, trees that shade homes can reduce attic
temperatures by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit during
the summer.

In one year, an acre of trees can absorb as much carbon as is
produced by a car driven up to 8700 miles.

One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year, which
is the amount consumed by 18 people annually.  

By providing shade and shelter, trees reduce yearly heating and
cooling costs by over 2.1 billion dollars each year!

The average tree in a metropolitan area survives only about 8
years.  BUT, a tree does not reach its most productive stage of
carbon storage for approximately 10 years.

The death of one 70-year old tree would return over three tons of carbon to the atmosphere.

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