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GreenTree’s Plant Health Care Program™ uses the power of nature to restore the healthy condition of your soil and the plant

Throughout their history, plants and trees have developed
strategies to survive extreme temperatures, drought, soil
infertility, pests and other stresses.  Many of these natural
strategies are concentrated at the root level.  In a healthy
and balanced soil ecosystem, plants thrive from interactions
with micro-organisms & other elements within the soil profile.

The problem in urban settings is that most landscape soils
are in poor condition - the soil is highly compacted and low in
organic matter.  The use of artificial fertilizers and chemical
stimulants makes matters worse.  The result is high mortality,
poor quality growth, and more pesticide use.  

Plant Health Care Program™ works below the soil’s surface, allowing your plants and trees to quickly establish
site resources and handle stress.  We inoculate the root system with beneficial bacteria, fungi and organic additives that are
designed to improve your soil ecosystem and dramatically increase root mass.  
You will see a noticeable difference in the
growth of your trees and plants within just a few months!
  The result is a healthy and lush landscape that will last longer and
will require
fewer chemical applications.  Our Plant Health Care Program™ will ensure the future health and wellbeing of your

    GreenTree’s Plant Health Care Program™ benefits your pants and trees by:

Increasing root mass to help with water and nutrient uptake
Helping to make essential nutrients more readily available
Increasing your plants' ability to survive drought conditions
Reducing soil compaction to increase water retention
Improving plant resistance to soil-born pathogens
Increasing resistance to disease and pests
Improving the physical properties of the soil.
Decomposing organic matter

Whether your plants and trees are showing symptoms of stress or whether they currently appear healthy, GreenTree's  Plant
Health Care Program™
will ensure the future health and safety of your landscape.  Give us a call and our Arborist will design a
customized program to fit your landscape’s specific needs.  

Seven Health Care Treatments
> Treatments utilize our exclusive, 100% Organic Bio-Fertilization Blend for Trees & Shrubs™
> Treatments are interspersed throughout the year, at specific times which will properly deter
pests and disease, and will foster root development

Disease Monitoring and Treatment
> We carefully monitor the condition of your ornamental plants and trees for problems such
as blight, leaf spots, powdery mildew and root/crown rot and will provide treatment as needed.

Pest / Insect Monitoring and Treatment
> We carefully monitor the condition of your property for the appearance of harmful insects like
aphids, Japanese Beetles, mites, weevils and will provide treatment if needed.

Regular Assessments
> With each visit we will monitor the color, density and health of your landscape and will adjust
our formulas to provide the absolute best results possible.