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Above: Property maintenance contract, including Lawn Health Care
and Plant Health Care Programs with Bio-Fertilization Blend.
Above installation included patio pavers, rock edging,
beds and mulch.
Above: Installation of stone wall, rock stairs, and cobblestones.  
Plants were added at a later date.  Bio-Fertilization Blend was
applied and fescue was top-dressed.
Above:  Installation of sod, front bed, decorative rocks and drainage
system.  Bio-Fertilization Blend was applied immediately following
Above: New landscaping plants in front bed and
Bio-Fertilization Blend applied to entire property.
Above: Installation of brick patio with rock edging,
new plants and mulch.  Bio-Fertilization Blend
immediately after installation.
Above: Installation of rock edging, new plants and
mulch with Bio-Fertilization Blend application.