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We understand that you want a beautiful weed-free lawn.  We also understand that you’re concerned about the use of dangerous
chemicals.  You can relax… the experts at GreenTree will give you the lawn you want and the caution you demand.  Our
Health Care Program
™ is a ground-breaking synthesis of our exclusive, 100% ORGANIC Bio-Fertilization Blend for Grass™ with
conventional chemical treatments.   

Lawn Health Care Program™ is a systematic,
timed and measured approach, employing a combination
of treatments throughout the year.  The steps we employ are
designed to build the soil and create a healthy, vibrant and
thick green lawn, which is the best deterrent for invasive
weeds.  We will use a chemicals and spot treatments only
as necessary until your lawn reaches peak health.

If your goal is to have the darkest, lushest green grass
in the neighborhood, then you need to call GreenTree!

For more information about the benefits of Bio-Fertilization,
click here or on the link at left.

Seven Health Care Treatments
> Treatments utilize our exclusive Bio-Fertilization Blend for Grass™
> Treatments are interspersed throughout the year, in accordance with the seasonal conditions

Certified Soil Analysis & Customized Treatment Plan
> We offer a Certified Soil Analysis once annually for customers with an annual contract.  We have our testing done by an independent professional lab in Ohio and the official printed results are given to the customer.  
> Based on the resulting soil analysis and the growing conditions of your particular area, we will develop an individualized   
treatment plan to best address the needs of your landscape

Disease Monitoring and Treatment
> We carefully monitor the condition of your lawn and check for things like fungus, brown patch and dollar spot and will provide treatment if needed.

Pest / Insect Monitoring and Treatment
> With each visit we will inspect your property for the appearance of harmful
insects and pests such as grubs, fire ants, voles/moles, etc., and will promptly
notify you if treatment if needed.

Weed Control Measures
> The focus of our Lawn Health Care Progam™ is to utilize organic means to
build the health of your landscape.  However, we can incorporate traditional
measures such as pre-emergents and spot spraying until your lawn is in
tip-top shape.

Regular Assessments
> With each visit we will monitor the color, density and health of your landscape and will adjust our formulas to provide the best results possible.  

Any questions or concerns? Call us or contact us, and we’ll handle it immediately and with the utmost care.