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Watering properly is the single most important thing you can do
for your landscape.   Water to plants is a lot like blood is to us -
it carries vital nutrients throughout your plants' system.   

Current water restrictions have a lot of people concerned about
the health of their landscape.  GreenTree can do a water usage
audit, and will work with you to find ways to minimize overall water
consumption through rain water recapturing, deep root watering
systems, and repairing faulty irrigation.  

The recent water restrictions have left many irrigations systems
dormant for the last 2 years.  You may have leaks or breaks that you didn't even know about!  GreenTree offers complete
evaluation and repair services for your Irrigation / Sprinkler system.  Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our
Master Technicians.  

Water Usage / Irrigation System Analysis
The experts at GreenTree can come out and do a system analysis to identify adjustments that will increase the efficiency of your existing system.  We're very aware of the importance of water conservation these days and strive to design and/or improve
systems that minimize the waste of this valuable resource.

Adjustments / Upgrades
    When we do a system analysis, we will provide written recommendations for improvements to your
    current system.  In most cases, simply adding a rain sensor, replacing leaky heads or valves, or
    adding a new zone can make a dramatic difference in the efficiency of your system.  

Drainage Systems
    Let us help with piping excessive surface water away from your home, driveway, patio, or low spot in
    the yard.  We offer numerous drainage solutions, including dry creek beds, French drains, catch
    basins or piping off your gutter down-spouts.  

Deep Root Watering System
    A custom-designed, sub-surface watering solution for your mature trees, large shrubs and
    ornamental plantings that can be added to any existing irrigation system.   

Spring Tune-Up  
Gets your system ready for summer.  We will turn on the system and check all lines, heads, and nozzles for proper function.  
At the same time, we will turn on the controller, set the timer and test all the valves in the system.  As a finishing touch, we will inspect the system for any damage and make adjustments as needed for proper coverage.  

Early Season Check-Up
Done at the start of summer to verify that your irrigation system is providing proper coverage.  We will check the controller and valves for proper operation.  We will also observe the sprinkler heads to be sure they are spraying where they are supposed to,
and will adjust any wayward heads.  Most importantly, we will reprogram the controller in accordance with the current seasonal
conditions and watering regulations.

Late Season Check-Up
Done late in the summer to verify that your system is functioning properly.  This service is similar to the Early Season Check in that the controller and valves are checked for proper operation, and the sprinkler heads are checked for proper coverage and water
distribution.  The controller is also reprogrammed as needed for the proper watering schedule, which is imperative during times of
drought.   We will also inspect for any needed repairs to the system.

It is imperative that you have your irrigation system winterized every year to prevent any possible freeze damage to the system.  This service is done in late Autumn, and prepares for the upcoming winter.  We will turn the irrigation system water off,
and drain the inside pipes and the vacuum breaker.  The controller and valves will be deactivated, and all lines will be cleared of
water using compressed air.  Finally, we will open all manual drains and faucets.

Any questions or concerns? Call us or contact us, and we’ll handle it immediately and with the utmost care.